Shaping Hearts Publications Product Descriptions

For anyone who wonders about or digs deeply into the details, the following descriptions should give some satisfaction.

2s & 3s Class In A Box

  • The box includes songs that appear in flip-books, in which the pages are flipped as the song are sung. The box includes Instructions and an Agenda that guide the use of the songs, thus forming a core curriculum.
  • Class in a Box 1 features God – Father, Son, and Spirit. Class in a Box 2 features the Bible story from creation to eternity. To keep teaching fresh and students engaged, use CIAB 1 for six months followed by CIAB 2 for six months.
  • The core curriculum is designed to be guided by the Teaching Sheets – each packet containing 13 pages, one for each lesson during a quarter. The Take Home Cards feature graphics matching the Teaching Sheets and may be given to students as they leave class.

Teaching Sheets

  • The front side features a full-color graphic of the lesson theme.
  • The reverse side provides the teacher with a brief lesson, teaching points, and the memory verse.
  • 13 sheets per package, 1 to use for each lesson of a series.

Take-Home Cards

  • These cards for small hands reinforce the lesson with a full-color graphic matching the Teaching Sheet.
  • Each card features the lesson graphic, memory verse, and Bible reading.
  • 13 cards per package; obtain one package for each student

Student Workbooks

  • Bible-centered workbooks with age-appropriate text and vocabulary, full-color pages, and contemporary design.
  • Each series has student Workbooks at 4 levels:
    Level 1 – emergent readers or 4s & 5s
    Level 2 – beginning readers or grades K-1
    Level 3 – intermediate readers or grades 2-3
    Level 4 – advanced readers or grades 4-5

Teacher’s Guide

Each Shaping Hearts series has 1 Teacher’s Guide that is applicable and adaptable to all levels within the series. Each Guide includes:

  • Teaching board ideas, photos, resources, and instructions
  • Lesson plans to coordinate with lessons in the Student Workbook that may be applied on Sunday and Wednesday respectively.
  • Strategies and suggestions for effective teaching
  • Teaching tips, instructions, diagrams, and samples

Lesson Graphics

  • 8.5″ x 11″ full-color prints illustrating each lesson
  • Contains at least 1 print for every lesson in a series

Logo Graphics

  • Large full-color prints of the cover logo and Bible Facts logo of each series plus accent graphics
  • Emphasizes the current themes being studied

Map Sets – Old Testament and New Testament

  • 11″ x 17″ full-color maps useful for teaching and corresponding to Shaping Hearts Bible Knowledge Expectations.
  • These maps are larger versions of those found in the Student Workbooks.
  • Each set also includes large unlabeled maps and smaller grayscale reproducible maps.

Illustrated Bible Timeline

  • Illustrated, full-color timeline featuring Bible events from creation to eternity
  • 28 panels that fit end-to-end stretching 34 feet

Activity Books

  • Each book contains 26 grayscale reproducible worksheets corresponding to lessons in the Student Workbooks
  • Two worksheets per lesson
  • Activity Book 1 – worksheets for non-readers
  • Activity Book 2 – worksheets for readers

Ten Plagues Graphic Set

  • Coordinates with God’s Mighty Hand series
  • 8.5″ x 11″ original full-color prints of the ten plagues plus several application ideas

Kings of Israel & Judah Chart

  • Pages are tiled to be easily glued together to make a 2’W x 5’L wall display
  • Depicts the years and conduct of each king and how the kings’ reigns correspond
  • Includes a chronology of prophets

Shaping Hearts Curriculum Guide

  • A Bible Class workshop in a book!
  • Details components of Shaping Hearts curriculum
  • Includes teaching strategies, classroom ideas, decorating techniques, storage ideas, and more
  • 1 Guide per classroom recommended

Young Teens

  • All series are complete, but not all have been revised and updated
  • As of the fall of 2021, 6 series are in their final form, including Student Workbook, Teacher’s Guide, and Extra Stuff
  • 24 lessons per series, leaving one week of the quarter for other activities
  • Odd-numbered lessons focus on the Bible text; even-numbered feature applications of the Bible-content
  • Teacher’s Guide presents a lesson plan, teaching strategies, and application ideas, written especially with men teachers in mind, though useful for all teachers